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Customized low bottom noise PCB board adopts Japanese AKM quad core 64bit chip, and the maximum input signal sampling rate supports 96KHz. In order to balance the three in one design of digital broadcasting, power amplifier and DSP, the power amplifier circuit adopts the combination of class AB + class D, with four class AB output channels of 55W power and two class D outputs of 100W, which is enough to meet most fever sound systems and drive high-end sound generating units with higher power demand. The internal circuit is simplified, and the upgraded sound pressure circuit supports ± 12dB boost, which is enough to drive the subwoofer. The purpose of simplification is to reduce the internal mutual interference as much as possible. The total harmonic distortion is less than 0.03%. There is a balanced and delicate sound quality

55x4w 4 ohm

100x2w 4 ohm /200x2w 2 ohm

2x out rca 

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