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Type 2-component speakers
Composition bass / midrange speaker AV 6.5, tweeter AV 1.1, crossover AV CX 2W MB
The diameter of the LF / MF speaker is 165 mm (6.5 inches)
LF / MF dynamics driver Pressed cellulose with cotton fiber and Light Damping impregnation
Magnet of LF / MF Dynamics Ferrite D90 mm
Voice coil LF / MF speaker Wounded aluminum wire with copper coating (CCAW) on a kapton frame D30 mm
Basket bass / midrange driver Cast aluminum
Dimensions LF / MF-speaker (Diameter x Height) D167x75.5 mm
Mounting hole diameter Bass / midrange dynamics 146 mm
Mounting depth of woofer / midrange dynamics 69 mm
Diffuser RF tweeter Soft dome made of Tetolon material, D28 mm
Magnet of tweeter Neodymium, D27,9 mm
Dimensions of the housing of the tweeter (Diameter x Height) D48x28 mm
Diameter of mounting hole of tweeter D44,8 mm
Mounting depth of tweeter 15.2 mm
Crossover 2500 Hz, LPF / HPF 12/12 dB / oct, adjustable RF level 0 / -2 / + 2 dB
Speaker power (extended / peak) 125/250 W
The sensitivity level of the AU is 91 dB / 2.83 V / m
Frequency range AC 50-22000 Hz
Rated resistance AC 4 Ohm