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Power RMS (4 Ohms), W: 4 x 85
Power RMS (2 Ohms), W: 4 x 110
RMS power (4 Ohm, bridge), W: 2 x 220
Frequency range, Hz: 10 - 60,000
Damping Ratio:> 300
Signal / noise, dB: 110
THD (5 W, 1 kHz),%: <0.02
Input Sensitivity, V: 1 - 4
Crossover Modes: HPF / LPF / OFF
High-pass / low-pass filter: 50 - 500 Hz
RCA input and high level input
Short circuit and overheat protection
Supply voltage, V: 24
Fuse, A: 60 (built-in)
Dimensions, 55 x 129 x 320

Very compact in size, the four-channel DLS CC-44 with a power of 4 x 85 W is equipped with an integrated converter (a complete analogue of the DLS HLC4 model), which converts a high-level signal into a linear signal.

Thanks to the unique active filtering scheme, this device removes signal flaws that are typical for head units built into the car at the factory (pulsed D-class). Therefore, the new model of the DLS CC-44 amplifier will be a virtually no alternative choice for audio installations in vehicles with integrated GU.

The DLS CC-44 amplifier has a function of automatically switching on the input high-level signal, which also simplifies the creation of installations with integrated head units