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Of course, there's more to multichannel audio than that. The input signal supports 16 high level signals and 2 RCA signals, and the output signal supports 16 high level signals and 16 RCA signals, for a total of 32 channels. It can also provide 16 channels of output power, including a nominal power of 8 channels





 Channels 13–16 support bridge output.

 The LF and amplifier circuitry features a Class D + Class AB design, intermodulation distortion <0.005%, THD distortion ≤0.05%, signal-to-noise ratio ≥98dB and signal separation ≤80dB (1kHz at 1%THD), resulting in configuration that meets the requirements. Full active system requirements for Atmos 7.1.4 channels.

I'm sure there are still many peaples who wonder if the signal and sound quality of the versatile BO32 is good enough. Here we will talk about the overall design of the equipment, integrated elongated aluminum body, relatively compact volumetric design. and concave heat dissipation on both sides. The trough is used for ventilation and heat dissipation. The signal is converted to a combination of AK5704 and AK4438 with a 32-bit architecture and two ADAU1452 DSP chips with a base frequency of 32 bits/295 MHz. Adequate isolation is provided within the input power, signal pre-processing and power amplification sections to reduce interference as much as possible.

As mentioned above, when it comes to DSP power amplifiers, you need to know how to use active frequency division, delay and equalizer. The Schiffini BO32 is a highly stable crystal oscillator, allowing the DAC circuit to further stabilize and accurately transmit signals, as well as reduce errors. Multi-channel audio signal adjustment, each channel has an independent 31-band equalizer, frequency range 20 Hz-20 kHz, resolution 1 Hz; adjustable Q value 0.404-28.852; adjustable gain ±12 dB, resolution 0.1 dB; Three professional filter modes, filter frequency point 20Hz-20kHz, resolution 1Hz; slope 6 dB/oct-48 dB/oct, adjustable, can be turned off; each channel supports phase 0-180°; adjustable delay 0.000-20.000ms, each grid 0.021. It has the ability to customize three-dimensional sound fields with low error, low distortion, high precision and high dynamics.

Sinfoni Bo32