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Diameter 6.5 inch
Rated power (RMS) 150 W
Frequency range 55 - 6000 Hz
Resistance 4 ohms
mms 14,264 g
mmd 13.463 g
Fs 57.27 Hz
Qms 10,387
Qes 0.627
Qts 0.591
Vas 11,945 Liter
Outer diameter 165 mm
Mounting hole 139 mm
Coil size 2 inches

The XXM652 6.5 ″ mid-range car speaker is part of our XCELSIA Competition Series & features the latest SSS (Spiderless Suspension System) technology & is designed for use in 2 or 3-way component audio systems.

The composition of a powerful neodymium/hybrid magnet motor system, 50 mm voice coil, proprietary blended Aluminium cone for mid and high-range frequencies, and a powerful engine help to achieve powerful precise mid-bass with an excellent transient response.