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Grills included Yes
Installation depth 71 mm
Mounting hole 144 mm
Magnet size 130 mm
Resistance 4 ohm
Sensitivity 94 dB / 1W
Operating frequency range 80-7000 Hz
Maximum power 300 watts
Power Rating (RMS) 125 watts
Outside Diameter Midbass

6.5″(200 mm)


The 6.5” driver was designed around a lightweight, high-quality, non-pressed paper cone that is coupled to a 38mm high-temperature air-cooled voice coil.

Featured is a bullet-contoured phase plug that is attached to an oversize magnetic motor system with a copper shorting cap.

When paired with our matching XPLT28W waive guide allowing this driver to affordably deliver a HiFi quality sound experience at extreme volume levels.

Xcelsus xplm6